For Teachers

• No previous law knowledge required and help is on hand to support and guide you through the process.

• Thorough online resources with a step by step guide to getting your team ready.

• Magistrates will visit schools when needed to guide your preparation and answers to questions are available via email whenever they arise.

• Applications are made through the Young Citizens website Apply Now .

• Applications for the 2021/22 competition have now closed.

• Entry Fee is £200 per team , but £35 per team will be reimbursed to participating schools on the day of the March heats thanks to donations by former High Sheriffs – to help offset the cost to schools. Schools new to the competition are urged not to enter two teams in their first year.

• Open Day - Sadly no Open Day was possible in 2022.

For Students and Families

• A fun opportunity to find out more about how the law works.

A chance to act out roles and compete in a real courtroom. •

Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions we are only able to accommodate one adult family member per student (limited seating in some courts).

• This year we are only able to provide bottled water and biscuits to teachers,students and their family member. Please bring extra refreshments but please note that there is no eating, and only water permitted in the court room.

Charters School, Ascot - National Final 2018 3rd Place

All Berkshire state (non-fee paying) schools are eligible to enter.

For older students, Young Citizens run the Bar Mock Trial Competition.  For further details click here.  

Although this is a competition, the main aim of the Mock Trials is to provide students with a realistic insight into criminal justice and an opportunity to practice new skills and develop confidence in the setting of a real court.


Dates, Cost and Timings

* Applications are made to Young Citizens at and have now closed for this year.
* Entry Fees for a team are £200 , but schools will receive a cheque for £35 on the day of their heat to offset some of this cost – funded from kind donations by former High Sheriffs of the Royal County of Berkshire.
* Berkshire heats will be held on Saturday 19th March 2022 at Reading Crown Court and will be subject to Government guidance at the time and court availability. 
* Due to Covid-19, there will not be a Regional Final nor a National Final in 2022 but Young Citizens are hoping to hold a 'Celebration of Achievement' event later in the year.


Team Information

* Open to students in Years 8 & 9 (and Year 10, age up to 15, for 2022 only).
* Team size between 12 and 16 students.
* Detailed, step by step preparation guides available online and free visits to your school from magistrates to get your team ready.
* Realistic case provided – recent offences include assault, theft, possession of a knife and harassment by social media – designed for relevance to young people.
* Different roles to include different capabilities.
* Magistrates, Solicitors, Usher, Defendant, Victim, Witnesses, Legal Advisor.


A typical morning timetable is:

9am          Teams arrive at Reading Crown Court and will be met by a Schools' Liaison Magistrate who will show                          them directly to their Court Room.

9:15am    Tour of the Court and Safety Briefing.

9:30          Round 1 - One team prosecutes and the other defends.

10:30am   Refreshments - bottled water and biscuits will be available outside the court room.

11:15 am    Round 2 -  change from prosecution to defence

12:15 pm   Finish - Teams leave court and results will be sent to teachers

Sadly we are unable to host the usual foyer gatherings to announce the winners in order to avoid crowding.

Afternoon Heats follow the same format but start at 1:15pm and finish at 4:30:pm